Real 4x4's was started out of my passion for off-roading adventures in exotic 4x4 vehicles. Jeeps, Hummers and other commonly found vehicles just don't do much for me. I think if you are going to get into something, why not do it all the way. After enjoying my older Land Rover for about six years, I started dealing with more exotic 4x4's with my first Mercedes G-wagon that was then sold to fund my first Pinzgauer order from the then newly released Swiss army versions. Since then more Pinzgauers and a few Unimogs were imported.

I eventually imported (most likely the first) Volvo C303's into the US and found what I think is the overall best and most interesting 4x4 in existence. I now own one myself but they certainly aren't for everyone.

My own 1972 SIII Land Rover at a Rally in Va.

Under the instruction of Vince Cobley of Pro-Trax, in England, I'm preparing for some (formal) off-road drivers/instructors training. This session was spent driving a 417 Unimog.

Look here at a few vehicles I imported.

Some water/drivers training back in England, driving a 300Tdi Discovery this time.


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