Here are a few of my past 4x4's.

'75 Volvo 303 -New paint, tires, custom front winch bumper, HID flood, redone wheels and more.

'74 710K -New paint, tires, stereo, etc.

'75 Volvo C303, in stock form from Swedish army.

712K -Custom winch bumper, and lots more.

712M -Mostly Swiss stock, new Dunlop Mud tires.

Volvo C303 -New paint, custom winch bumpers front and rear, tires, etc.

710M -Mostly Swiss stock, New Mud tires.

'75 Volvo C303. Winch, paint, tires, HID lights and lots more.

710K -New paint, tires, int. insulation, etc.

710K Custom Int.

1956 Volvo Sugga.

Volvo C303 getting sanded.

The "Team Pinzgauer" 712M in Croatia.

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