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The Austrian built Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer. As far as real rigs go, this is one of the most impressive to me. Nothing else is built like it or looks like it. A Hummer can go for $80,000 and not have quality of design nor the head turning appeal of the Pinzgauer.

The first one came off the production line in Austria in 1971 and they are still being built to this day. The British, Swiss and Austrian militarys are just a few of the main users of these machines. The US even has some for special ops. Their unmatched off-road ability, small size with a large weight carrying capacity and ease of manuvering make them the perfect troop and equipment carriers for the fighting forces.

Other common uses are in the Fire and Search and Rescue services, as well serving in countless utilitarian services where a heavy duty, go anywhere vehicle is needed.

Anyone from camp leaders to science expedition teams and explorers can benefit from such a vehicle. For myself, recreational off-roading is incredible in this truck. Having super strength drivelines, more overall ground clearence than a Hummer and factory differential lockers on both ends (meaning true 4 wheel drive), makes it perfect for it.

Here is a 1974 710M (with new tires).

The "710" means 4 wheels and "M" means soft-top, where "K" would mean hard-top. Another is the "712" meaning six wheel drive!

From the rear. Battery and storage/tool bins.

In the drivers door. If you have a dog...

Notice that floor. What more do you need?

The above picture of the dash: The two yellow levers are the differential lockers giving the Pinzgauer TRUE 4 wheel drive! The green lever is the 4 wheel drive lever, and the red knob below, shifts from high to low range ...all of these are shift on the fly too!! To the left of the levers are the heating and vent controls, and the black lever above that is the emergency brake... and to the left of the red knob, is the regular 5 speed shifter. (beside the windshield-washer fluid container) Land Rover NOT included! :-)

A partial roll up. A stable truck for being so short and narrow.

Rear seats up... ...and down!

Pinz engine.

The engine is the 4cyl. 90hp, air cooled unit found in all the pre 1984 Pinzgauers. There is no radiator to leak or bust up on you and the engine is accessible by removing the seats (very easy one-step process) and then undoing the latches that hold the main tunnel-cover down. You can see the plug wires and coil that are water protected... and that "Turbo prop" looking fan that pulls in all that air.

All parts are available in the USA, they are completely street legal and delivery of the trucks can be arranged for you anywhere.

An MPG of my own 710M Pinz coming out of some water.

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